I’m Allan, a private tutor.  I’ve been tutoring since 1996 in Canada and Asia.  I have taught students of age 4 to 74 (yes, actually 74), tutoring regular curricula grade-school kids, kids with learning difficulties or different styles of learning, kids who skipped a grade & need to catch up, newcomers to Canada, foreign school entrance SSAT candidates, TOEIC, TOEFL, and CFAT.

Here are some quick Q&As:

  • Online or in person?
    Due to COVID-19, I teach online, using an online whiteboard with sound on easy-to-use online learning platforms.  When the virus finally leaves us, I’ll return to tutoring both in-person and online.
  • Tuition?
    Tuition is $25 per hour.  Tuition is paid before tutoring, just like any other tuition.  If you pay one month ahead, you secure your time slot.  Priority is given to students who book ahead.
  • Schedule?
    I tutor Sunday ~ Friday.  Sorry, no Saturdays.  Evenings are usually booked, but times throughout the day are flexible, depending on my day job.  (Yes, I have a day job, too!)
  • Cancellations
    Please allow at least 24 hours notice to cancel.  If not, I will be very, very sad.
  • Live or recorded lessons?
    Lessons are live, not recorded or automated.  Tutoring is only useful if the student can ask questions and get replies.  Some of the homework is automated.
  • Subjects?  Curriculum?
    Lessons are created based on students’ needs and usually follow public school curriculum or the current level of the student.  Subjects I normally cover are ESL, Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, History, and Science.
  • Homeschooling?
    Many students are now homeschooled because of COVID-19.  I offer support to parents who find it difficult to teach their kids.  Homeschooling is not an excuse to be on holiday.  Time marches on, and students have to keep up during this unusual time.
  • Homework?
    Yes.  I create homework based on students’ needs.  If I don’t have material ready-made, I will create it and put it online.  I run my own website where I put homework.  Students have their own simple, individual page where class plans & homework are put.  Log in, click your homework, and print, or (if I have time to create it), do it online. You can text a picture of your homework, scan & email it, scan & upload it to my server, or do it online.  If you have enough homework from public school, my homework is optional.
  • No idea where to start!  Help!
    Even before public school went to online studies, students have large gaps in their knowledge, experience, & understanding of even basic concepts in mathematics, reading / writing / spelling, social studies & history, science concepts, or even basic study habits & organizational skills.  We start at any level the student is at.  Age makes no difference.  “If you don’t know how to do it, you just haven’t learned it yet.”  Sessions are fun, uplifting, paced to the student’s needs, and regular.  If you are dedicated, so am I.
  • 단체 요금이 있습니까?
    사촌이 함께 공부하는 경우 그룹 요금이 적용될 수 있습니다.
  • 가르치면서 한국어를 하시나요?
    나는 가르치는 동안 한국어를하지 않습니다. 모든 수업은 영어입니다.
  • Vous enseignez le français?
    Désolé, je n’enseigne pas le français. Si vous avez besoin d’un tutorat en français, je vous présenterai un tuteur francophone.

If you would like more info, you can email, call, or text me.  You can also fill out this page, and I will get back to you.

Happy learning!